• Jake Minter

  • About Us

    "I believe in people,
                                    art, and ideas..."

    My passion for expression has led me through adventures across
    film and in theatre, singing, and design. I've also had experience
    directing and assistant directing full-scale productions, and in
    writing - mainly narrative scripts or episodic material (poetry, too).

    I also believe that voices are meant to be heard and stories are
    meant to be told. I savor every opportunity that I have to bring
    a character to life, because it inevitably opens the door to a
    conversation (no matter how small) about perspectives, thoughts,
    experiences and emotions.

    To fellow artists / anyone for that matter, if you'd like to collaborate
    on a project with me, you can use the contact page for that as well.
    Just let me know the scope of the project, and we can start creating.

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